According to research commissioned by Nespresso Professional, nearly three-quarters (72%) of senior hospitality leaders believe that sustainability has become more of a priority in their business during the last year. Research conducted by Nespresso Professional with senior hospitality leaders in the United Kingdom found that 72% of respondents said sustainability would become more of a priority in the coming year, up from 67% who said the same thing in 2021. Eighty-four percent of businesses reported making sustainability improvements as a result of the COP26 conference held in the UK last year.  Additionally, the study found that 58% of respondents intend to pursue B Corp certification in the near future.

Twelve percent of respondents said sustainability was no longer a top priority, with cost-cutting and dealing with the cost-of-living crisis being the primary reasons given. This study found that senior hospitality leaders are almost as worried about the rising cost of living (59%) as they are about customers’ willingness to pay more for sustainable products (60%). Twenty percent of CEOs also listed sourcing sustainable and ethical products and ingredients as a top concern for business, joining improving turnover, training and upskilling current staff, and managing supply chain issues. When asked what they had done to become more environmentally friendly, those in the hospitality industry most frequently cited recycling programs (32%), increased recycling of coffee pods (28%), and company-wide implementation of a sustainability strategy (27%). When asked to elaborate on the role of suppliers, three-quarters of businesses agreed that supplier help with customers’ sustainability efforts would be beneficial. Finding a single provider who stocks everything a hospitality company needs that was made sustainably is a major obstacle.

According to Beth Langley, Out Of Home Director (OOH) Director at Nespresso Professional, “it is really encouraging to see the continual uptake and engagement with sustainability initiatives across the hospitality industry,” and “while it is clear that businesses are facing considerable challenges, leaders within the sector are determined to do the right thing.” Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the hospitality industry. hotels and restaurants are under pressure to reduce their environmental impact and become more efficient. Many hotel chains are now implementing sustainable practices, such as using recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

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Written by Leon Roberts