September 17, 2012 Recycling No Comments

Recycling in Broward County is up 13 percent over 2011, thanks to the increased efforts of residents. The County is now on its way toward meeting Florida’s 75 percent recycling goal as residents recycle as much as they can of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal and glass containers.


Environmental benefits of recycling include energy savings, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, and sustainability of resources.

“We worked together with Broward County’s municipalities to promote recycling and its benefits to our residents,” said Odette Reza-Brown, public education program manager for Solid Waste and Recycling Services. “We are very excited about the residents’ positive response to the County’s and cities’ recycling initiatives.”

Residential recycling has increased steadily over the years, from 58,917 tons in 2006, to more than 65,590 tons last year, an increase of 11 percent, not including this year’s rise.

“Over the years, Broward County and its municipalities have launched several initiatives designed to increase recycling, and followed through with strong outreach campaigns,” said Peter Foye, director of Broward County’s Recycling and Contract Administration Division.

“In 2007, we expanded recycling to include mixed paper such as junk mail and magazines. In 2009, we introduced single-stream recycling, which enabled residents to mix all recyclable items in the same container,” Foye added. “Many cities now provide their residents with rolling carts for recycling – making it easier than ever to recycle,” he concluded.

Broward County has continuously supported recycling through strong public awareness campaigns and multi-faceted outreach education programs such as curriculum-based recycling education and community partnerships.


Written by ovpadmin