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Not only is recycling expensive, but it’s also unnecessary. There is plenty of space for landfills. Not in the heart of New York City, or Los Angeles, but just look at a map of any state – most states have thousands of square miles of empty lands. Globally, we occupy only 3% of the land mass of the world.

What’s more, many municipalities pretend to recycle by asking people to go through the trouble of separating their trash, but then they simply send everything to the same dump.


Waste Management and other recyclers say that more than 2,000 municipalities are paying to dispose of their recyclables instead of the other way around.

Now, isn’t that interesting – they pretend to recycle. So why recycle at all? I think it is because it is fulfilling a hidden psychological need.  The fear of global warming is causing depression and anxiety.

So if the fear of global warming is causing mental illness, people need treatment. Now, people affected could take Prozac or Paxil, which would make them perfect Democratic voters, but drugs are always a last alternative. Most psychologists recommend first trying cognitive behavioral therapy, where patients try working through thoughts and actions, which will improve their feelings.

And if pretending to recycle, or even actually recycling your trash (to no effect), helps liberals with their mental illness, there’s an independent justification for reycling right there.

So we don’t need recycling to cut costs (it doesn’t) or to prevent landfill space from running out (it isn’t). The only real reason we keep recycling is to help keep liberals from going off the deep end and being institutionalized.

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Written by ovpadmin