In recent years, eco-friendly and sustainability have become popular phrases used in many corporations to tout their environmental awareness and woo consumers through marketing campaigns and brands. Several of these corporations are not necessarily practicing what they preach. They slip the right words in but do not follow up with action. By embracing these buzzwords, the companies attract environmentally sensitive consumers while making themselves appear socially responsible. But to be truly serious, businesses must begin practicing sound recycling practices to back up their campaign claims.

For the companies that attempt to protect the environment, they face a unique challenge in their packaging. Historically, plastic has been used as the go-to packaging material to protect our food and keep it fresh. There are alternatives to plastics, such as paper, glass, aluminum, and steel, but various studies confirm that plastic is more efficient because it is stronger and lightweight. All of this means plastic is better than the alternatives at shipping more products at a lower weight when it comes to shipping products.  In addition, since packaging with plastics uses less material, it also uses less energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste. In addition, food waste accounts for a substantial amount of methane emissions which is 21 times more potent than C02. Using plastic packing reduces this emission by keeping food longer, thus preventing food waste and methane emissions. 

With the growth of eCommerce and people purchasing more and more products online, plastic packaging will stay around for a long time; therefore, preserving our food and protecting our environment must work hand in hand. The solution is to improve our recycling activities.

So, if you are a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, or even administration service business and have not yet started recycling, it is time. Take this first step to contributing to a clean environment, reducing pollution, and protecting this planet we call earth. If you have already adopted recycling strategies, great; keep it going.

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Written by ovpadmin