OVP is dedicated to all your recycling needs whether you own a commercial, industrial, manufacturing, professional, or retail business.  OVP collects new and or used (48*40) sized pallets in good and or repairable condition to purchase or discard.  We collect, salvage, reclaim and recycle wooden pallets that are in good condition.  Recycled pallets are less expensive than purchasing new ones and can be a huge benefit to the environment.  Our Broward, Miami Dade, Palm Beaches, and the Treasure Coast clientele benefit from our remanufactured pallets in several ways:

  1. Recycled pallets can be bought at a reduced rate/cost-saving option
  2. Removal of excess pallets from your business
  3. Reduce storage solutions to business for their unused pallets
  4. Minimize the cost associated with the removal of pallets
  5. Improve workplace safety
  6. Reduce waste to the environment/preserving the forest by recycling wood waste into landscape mulch.
  7. Wooden pallets are more resourceful when loading and unloading goods and acquire little space – especially if you are looking at managing the cost associated with transportation from point A to point B.

Types of Pallets:

There are essentially two types of pallet designs to choose from (1) Stringer or (2) Block Pallets.   The stringer pallets use three matching pieces of wood; which allows the forklift to move the load in all four directions.  The block pallet’s design is more user-friendly in that it allows the forklift to move the load in any direction.

Pallet Size 48 x 40 Pallet grades: 

OVP buys used and new 48″ x 40″ pallets in good and/or repairable condition.

Give us a call today, one of our consultants will be happy to schedule an appointment to help you with your recycling needs.  You can also complete the form on the CONTACT US page, and we will respond to you shortly.

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