Many people are surprised when they hear about the hidden materials inside a lot of packaging, such as laminated and composite packaging, which make the packaging non-recyclable. When more than one material is integrated into packaging, it makes it difficult to separate, and then it renders the packaging unrecyclable, so this packaging ends up in the landfill. Companies are solving this problem by using mono-material packaging, which ensures that the material is completely recyclable. Mono-material packaging is a package that contains only one type of material, making it easier to recycle than traditional packaging that is multi-layered. The trend toward mono-material packaging is picking up speed, and in 2020, packaging closed with mono-material was 21.51 million tons at a value of $58.9 billion dollars. 

The benefits of mono-material packaging

  • Recycling mono-materials is simple and straightforward compared to recycling multi-layer packaging, which is challenging because of the need to separate the different film layers.
  •  Mono-material packaging is environmentally friendly.
  •  It is easier and requires less energy to manufacture, and that improves the efficiency of the production process.
  •  Recycling of mono-materials contributes to the circular global economy and reduces damaging waste and excessive resource usage.
  •  Packaging collected as waste material goes into a waste management process, and it can then be repurposed.

If you are a manufacturer or the company using packaging material, ask about more than material from your suppliers and ensure that you are implementing sustainable practices within your organization. If you are already using mono-material and need recycling support, contact OVP Recycling for a free quote and learn about our services. 

Written by ovpadmin