Many Communities Recycling, Repurposing Old Campaign Signs

Reuse of or recycling campaign signs is an excellent way to unwind after an election, save space in a landfill and helping the environment.

The best way to handle the signs is to reuse them. However most are outdated and should be recycled. Communities across the country are attempting to make that easy for residents.

However, the signs are generally made of two different grades of plastic—corrugated and polyethylene, i.e. poly bags. The first is a plastic form of cardboard; the second is a thin film. While both are recyclable, typical municipal materials recovery facilities do not recycle them.

Plastic bags cause complications at the single stream recycling sorting facility, according to a Baltimore County, Md., fact sheet. Specifically, malfunctions can occur when plastic bags get wrapped around the equipment.

Some communities in Florida are accepting corrugated signs.  Leon County will reuse the signs to shore up the bottom of rusted out recycling containers. How fitting.

Contributed to: by Andy Arnold

Date:  November 08, 2012

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Written by ovpadmin