Experts believe that 2021 could be a period of recovery for domestic recycling markets as municipal recycling systems get back to pre-pandemic operations and MRFs rebuild partnerships with plastics manufacturers and brand owners willing to integrate higher percentages of recycled content into their products. Recyclers are still expanding operations and investing in domestic markets for items like paper and plastics that traditionally were recycled in China and other countries that have enacted similar import bans.

In its recent draft national recycling strategy, the EPA includes priorities such as reducing contamination in the recycling stream, improving domestic markets for recyclables, and increasing efficiency by connecting industry operators with tools and funding they need. The passage of Save Our Seas 2.0 which was signed by the White House in December, offers $55 million in funding each year through 2025 for improving “local post-consumer materials management,” that includes municipal recycling. If your company has not considered recycling in a more strategic way now is the best time to start. Whether you are producing excessive waste in metals, paper, pallets, and plastics, you are now able to more seriously contribute to saving the planet and creating more jobs.

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