This summer, make sure you have a strategy for disposing of your newly acquired summertime joys that safeguard the environment, your loved ones, and others, even if you’re packing your beach bag, cleaning out the old cooler in the garage, or browsing the shelves for sunscreen.  

Before embarking on your next family vacation or staycation, consider these summertime recycling dos and don’ts. It’s important to remember that recycling policies can vary from town to town and may change depending on where you live, work, and play. Some localities might accept various materials, while others could have more stringent recycling rules. To ensure you’re recycling correctly, visit the website of any local programs for detailed information.


  • Invest in recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable goods.
  • Find recycling containers in public areas such as parks, beaches, lakes, and other regions, and make sure you use them according to local recycling regulations.
  • When planning your stay, inquire about recycling at your accommodation. Many establishments now have recycling bins in their rooms, making it easier than ever to do your part for the environment during your vacation. Do you have a strategy for disposing of your waste when you go on walks and hikes? When organizing your travel, consider how you will eliminate your garbage and recyclables.   


  • Foam and cooler containers should not be put in recycling bins or containers; instead, they should be returned to participating retail establishments.  
  • Even if something is recyclable in the same neighborhood as where you reside, you shouldn’t automatically assume that it is recyclable elsewhere.  
  • Batteries, propane canisters, floats, beach chairs, towels, and pyrotechnics should not be recycled. These materials should be given, repurposed, or properly disposed of according to local program requirements, as they can seriously harm recycling personnel.

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Written by ovpadmin