December 10, 2021 Recycling No Comments

​​Recycling waste by commercial small and medium-sized businesses is rapidly becoming a profit center for those organizations that take advantage of the benefits from recycling. Some businesses may still not be aware that they can sell their waste recycled commodities (such as paper, plastic, metal, aluminum, and wood). Not only can businesses benefit from recycling by making a profit or at least earning revenue to contribute to the business, but it is the right thing to do.

Customers and clients are becoming more aware and also more active and generally, people support companies that are pursuing sustainable business practices. Our failure to pursue environmentally responsible behavior can harm a business. Businesses that are responsible and practice smart sustainable recycling can earn a reputation as a green company and in some cases earn higher profit margins, enjoy better customer satisfaction levels, and higher revenues. 

It has never been easier for commercial organizations to recycle their waste. In some cases, cities will collect the waste if it is properly sorted, and this will satisfy the minimum requirement of practicing sustainable behavior. But why forgo revenue that could be generated by selling your recycled commodities to a recycling company, that will then either process your waste and produce new renewable materials or trade it to other companies? This is the best practice because it also prevents landfills from becoming clogged and it contributes to a cleaner planet.

OVP Recycling is a Florida-based recycling company that recycles waste for businesses. The materials they recycle include plastics, wood, cardboard, paper, and metals. We are located in South Florida and serve all of Broward County, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. If you are looking to start recycling your waste commodities or have been recycling but may not be satisfied with your current recycling partner, contact us today to get a free quote.

Written by ovpadmin